Why PlaceWorkers

The initial situation:

Our customers are all wrestling with the same problems: Many employees do not carry out their duties at a desk in the office. They therefore capture a lot of data remotely which must then be rekeyed manually into the SAP R/3 system for further processing. This leads to invoicing delays and poor quality data that takes an unnecessarily long time to be available for use.

Our objectives:

Our goal is to maximise the performance of users and to optimise their work processes. With our MoFiServ mobile solution, we provide our customers with a powerful tool to efficiently support the mapping of all maintenance and repair business processes. A tool that helps you and carries you forward. A tool that is easy to use and whose functionality makes a real difference. Our solutions help to optimise your processes, reduce your costs and avoid gaps in information flow.

One of the biggest advantages in MoFiServ lies in its modular design. This allows us respond quickly to all future changes in SAP strategy and our customers to avoid costly new implementations. SAP changes are a fact, and we often see businesses implementing completely new versions of mobile software as a result. Not with us! We are of the opinion that, following the investment and effort of a mobility project, customers should expect stability for 5-10 years with a robust strategic direction.

We have the answers to your questions

How do I get a better overview of our process chain?
With a PlaceWorkers mobile solution you can immediately see which employees are working on which orders and the status of these orders.

How do I ensure my employees arrive on the right site at the right time?
We facilitate the planning, taking into account the workload, qualifications and travel times, and the necessary materials and tools required.

How do I avoid overload or underutilisation of my employees and equipment?
With the help of SAP’s MRS planning board you can see the utilisation of employees or equipment and can form targeted plans accordingly.

How can I speed up billing whilst simultaneously reducing customer invoice queries?
With MoFiServ from PlaceWorkers, you always have visibility of order statuses. Once completed, your customer signs to confirm everything on the order is correct.
Any need for double entry of data is removed. You can generate billing upon customer signature, potentially saving weeks over manual processes whilst avoiding unnecessary invoice queries.

How can I increase the quality of data in my system?
A PlaceWorkers mobile solution allows data to be captured immediately at the point of relevance. There is direct validation of input allowing the employee to manage his/her data quality. Cumbersome rekeying, rechecks and data cleansing can be avoided and a barrier to quality consistency is removed.