Mobile Apps or just apps

I read an article (check it out) the other day about the word mobile and if it will disappear while we proceed in the development.

I think the author is so right about this topic, just his conclusion – I do not really agree on this. Will it really be, that we use the same apps offline, that we use online – or will it be that we have just different ways to connect to certain systems?!? I would say the way we use computers will change in general. We will see what todays iphone 5 offering will bring, but we can already talk to our phones and they give us the answer. So is it not possible, we have a speech interface or anything similar to enter data and information. Once we have archived this, it is just a question of how to gert the correct data to the correct device and how to send correct information from device to backend.

On the other hand there will still be an interface. Apps like Phonegap show us already a way to combine offline and online apps in a way, noboday realises he actually uses a HTML interface. With this in mind, we can even build apps that just need a new configuration via CSS and run on any possible device, as long as the runtime is available. This works a little like a UNIX box, or SAP systems in general. They have a small native kernel, but the complete rest is written in a language, that runs on top of this Kernel. Putting this approach to the actual SAP Mobility landscape is not so far away from the Hybrid Web Container offered today. It still has some issues in performance and usability – but it is definetly a step into the right direction!

So yes I agree, in the future we will just have apps – but I think as well these apps can be used on anydevice possible and because mobile devices have a much better performance then today, they can do the same thing we do with desktop comoputers today. There will simply be an app for every usecase available and I think we will go away from todays big monolythic apps that do it all.

What do you think?(check it out)