PlaceWorkers – Aviation Services

How can companies in the aviation sector satisfy the constant drive for operational efficiency whilst at the same time meeting the requirements of regulatory bodies? How can business process contribute to both efficiency gains and compliance whilst simultaneously elevating safety standards in operations?

As a manager in the aviation sector the pressure is high because the stakes are high. You need to deliver safe operations with high uptime and avoid AOG whilst at the same time balancing costs. Making the right decisions can be expensive but making a wrong decision can be disastrous. When lives are on the line, you must get it right.

Whether you are in charge of MRO or SMS, an integrated maintenance system from PlaceWorkers can pay real dividends. The efficiency of your workforce increases and their frustration with paperwork decreases because the system is optimised to make their worklife easier and allow them to get on with the job in hand – keeping the fleet running safely.

Our process driven software helps the business to flow, delivering the right information to the right people at the right time. Real time updates allow everyone to see the as-is situation and to make informed accurate decisions quickly, even in distributed work environments.

The intuitive user interface helps to ensure adherence to procedures and captures important details including operation steps performed, work times, attaching images to work tasks and recording detailed maintenance logs. These and other details, such as signature capture for independent inspections, ensure regulatory compliance and aid maintenance programme improvement initiatives. Speedy processing of spares requisitions ensures maintenance technicians are not left standing and access to digitized manuals, SB’s and AD’s at the place and time they are needed can boost efficiency and reduce maintenance errors.

Integrated with your SMS system, a PlaceWorkers mobile solution can contribute to elevated workplace safety and report directly into your MEMS. The solution can form part of your operation’s FRMS, by helping to monitor and manage technician working hours to avoid fatigue, we can even incorporate fatigue assessment tools to help employees manage their rest patterns.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you to help grow your business and make aviation safer for everyone.

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