MAM – Keeping up to date

You already have a mobile solution on Basis from SAP Netweaver Mobile 7.0 or an earlier version and face the challenge of how to move up to the new platform.

If your solution is based on SAP Mobile Infrastructure 2.5, you find yourself in socalled 'extended support'. In the case you should act as quickly as possible because the real cost of running a solution that is out of support is bound to rise and upgrading takes time. Probably, like most of our customers, you don’t know what to do for the best.

We understand this uncertainty, that when you look to the mobile devices and technologies available in the market and see how they have changed over the last few years it can seem perplexing, sometimes one feels the need for a real crystal ball.

Maybe you already have several mobile applications and solutions from different manufacturers and partners but they do not really meet with your expectations.
Speak with us, we will show you how you:

  • review the results of previous investigations
  • return to the benfit of standard SAP support
  • minimise risk with a clear update strategy and costings
  • react quickly and flexibly to future changes in the market
  • get an optimal solution for your mobile business case

With over 15 years knowledge and project experience in the Mobile Asset Management area, we understand how important flexible and reliable planning is.

What does our service look like?

1. Preparation

We send you a questionnaire to outline the most important details of your solution. Through this we look at, for example, your fundamental business processes, the number of users, the types of devices to be used, the synchronisation times, the connection types and release version of the components involved.

2. Workshop with you

We visit and speak with you concerning your current solution and your planned next steps. Whilst looking at your current process and solution, we also consider future developments. It is important to know if your current solution meets your basic requirements and only the landscape needs upgrading, or you are dissatisfied with the design and a new development is necessary. At the end of the workshop, we will give a recommendation and a proposal.

3. Analysis

After we have collected all the data and have a solid, broad understanding we can concern ourselves with working out the details of the strategy. We examine your current solution in detail, work out the risks of the future strategy and prepare a demonstration of our basic solution. At the end of the analysis you wil have a concept demonstration along with the recommended steps and the costs of the alternatives. A logical flow will be defined with milestones at the end of each step and different alternatives highlighted within. Over this analysis period we can exchange by email and telephone the status of the analysis and discuss the alternatives with you.

4. Presenting the results

One to two weeks after the first meeting we will present the results to you.

What comes next?

On the basis of our detailed analysis and the written assessment in our concept proposal, we would be delighted to help you realise the next step in your implementation.

How much will realisation cost?

Our invoicing is based on actual hours worked. For an advisory consulation we charge a maximum of five consulting days plus expenses and travel costs.

We would be pleased to have the opportunity to convince you of our consulational competence and ability to deliver worldclass solutions.